Melvin Peterson is an International consultant and educator on business and finance development. He has traveled over 22 countries and educated people on business and finance operations for many years. He has served in the military over 9 years and did a combat tour of duty in Iraq. He has several businesses and investment companies that have clients around the world. Melvin Peterson and David Anderson host and produce a syndicated Radio Talk Show called Blackanomics on XM satellite radio. This show broadcasts live on channel 169 the Power every weekend at 6:00 am EST. Melvin educate listeners on what is going on in the financial and business sector and empowers listeners to take control of their finances and generate multiple streams of income. This show educates listeners on business and financial strategies and gives solutions for entrepreneurs. Melvin Peterson is an Active Real Estate Agent in the state of Georgia and educates investors and clients in the opportunities in Real Estate and commercial properties. Melvin continues to serve by educating people on finances and business development for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world.


Twitter: melvinpeterson

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